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  Red clothes

  It was a foreign language schools in the women's dormitory,there are a number of times at night often have a red woman's clothes to sell door-to-door late at night,do not know how she was downstairs escaped inspection.Every day,all night,a knock-room,if someone opened the door and asked; 'red clothes do not want to /' As the girls were very angry after the quarrel,are not big cried,a few days this night.One night,That woman came again.Thunk!Thunk!When the door opened from the inside out one of the girls she roared; "what the red dress?I want the whole.How much does it cost?"

  Woman smiled,turned away and did not give her a red dress,and that night we all slept well,no one has come knocking at the door.The next day,the dormitories were all up,only that the women's big red red The roar of girls not to get up,her students opened her quilt,she is all red,her skin of the upper part of the body has been ripping up.Huang who have blood flow,looks like a dress Red pieces of clothing.




  In 2004 three friends and I headed from Tucson to Tombstone for the day, as two of my friends were from RAF in England and had never been there. It was also my first trip also.


  After hitting a show, taking a picture where you dressed up in clothes from that era, we headed for a bite to eat. I think we ate the Long Horn’s Restaurant. The four of us grubbed and after drinking lots and lots of ice tea, the only other female and I hit the bathrooms. The bathrooms were like regular bathrooms; two of them, each with their own separate room, including door, sink and toilet in one room. I took the one to my left. There was a weird sign on the wall in the bathroom, it struck me as odd, it read something along the lines of: If you don’t wash your hands you can die! And then proceeded to explain how a girl died of some disease. Of course I washed my hands, but when I did I had this overwhelming feeling like someone was watching me. I felt very claustrophobic, which is abnormal for me since I only get that feeling in large crowds. I shook off the feeling since the bathroom was small and cramped, and met back with my friends and we drove back to Tucson.


  The next day, after returning home from work alone, I found my kitchen cabinets open, as well as my dishwasher. It was strange since my roommate at the time was staying somewhere else and nobody was there besides my dogs. All night long my dogs kept barking, their stares always in direction of the kitchen but they wouldn’t step foot in there. Which was very weird, as this had never happened before, and the kitchen is where I kept their food and water.


  This happened over the course of the week. The dogs would bark in the general vicinity of the kitchen and when I left the house I would return to find cabinets open and the dishwasher pulled down. Eventually the two guys in the RAF talked to some of their friends who were also stationed here in Tucson and in the RAF who went down to Tombstone the day after we did. (Due to the fact my friends gushed how cool it was). They had eaten at the same place we had and had struck up a conversation with their waitress about the restaurant wanting to know more about the history and the legendary ghosts. The waitress had told them how Morgan Earp had been shot on the roof of the building and that…the women’s bathroom was haunted. But not both of them, just the one on the left. I never got a full story on who the ghost was or anything about the ghost, but I am fairly certain that the ghost followed me home and vacationed with me a while and tried to make its presence known in my kitchen.

  同样的事持续了一个星期,每天狗都在厨房附近狂吠,每天我回家都会看到储物柜和洗碗机被打开。我那两个皇家空军的朋友把这件事告诉了几个也在图森市驻扎的同事,他们在我们去墓碑市的第二天也去了那儿(因为听我朋友说了那个地方是多么的酷)。他们也在相同的餐馆吃了饭并和餐馆的女招待聊天,想要多了解点当地的历史和神鬼传说。女招待给他们讲了摩根.厄普在餐馆房顶上被枪杀,从那之后女洗手间开始闹鬼的故事, 但只有靠左手边的那个房间才闹鬼。我对这个鬼魂的来历和他的故事知道的不是很多,但我深信他跟着我回了我家,并且和我共处了一段时间,厨房里的怪事就是他所为。

  A few weeks after my trip to Tombstone I moved out of the apartment so I’m not really sure what happened to the ghost.


  Maybe it went back home.